one stop pet shop


Dog & Cat

DIY Dog Wash – Indoor
Our dog wash includes Fidos shampoo,
conditioner, flea and tick rinse.

Dog and Cat

We sell a range of foods from supermarket
to Super Premium - Blackhawk, Earthborn (grain free)
Supercoat, Bonnie, Coprice, Pro Plan, Advance,
Hills Science Diet, Canin, Australian Ivory Coat,
BARF and Tucker Time.
Toys, collars, leads, harnesses, beds, grooming
tools and flea/tick/heartworm products.


Goldfish, feeder fish, tropical and live plants.


We use and recommend API products.
API, Tetra and Fluval flakes/pellets available.
Hikari algae wafers, holiday feeders,
medications and a range of gravel,
backgrounds and ornaments.
Smaller tanks available in store,
larger tanks can also be ordered.


Canaries, finches, budgies,
cockatiels and lovebirds.


We have a range of cages,
seeds and pellets.
Toys and medications also available.

Small Animals

Bunnies & Guinea pigs.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Hutches, food, toys,
grooming and
medications available.